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Dear David,

I just wanted to register how much I enjoyed and benefited from our
session at the Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club. After booking the
session with you, I slowly became more and more nervous as the day
approached and very worried about how I would perform on the day. I have
really struggled at times and have definitely been the guy in the group
who duffs it off the tee and then knocks it along the ground twelve
times to get to the green. While I have been much improved, I was thus
nevertheless nervous about playing with my golf instructor and complete
strangers. On the day I was really praying you would call it off due to
bad weather! I was very happily surprised by my experience at Twin
Creeks. The course was fantastic and largely abandoned, so there was
never a sense of being hurried to play by other players. The opportunity
to get club and shot selection advice at every stage of the round was
incredibly helpful to my understanding of the game. I realized how
different the strategy of endlessly hitting balls at the range and
playing real golf is to learning how to score well. I also enjoyed the
pre-game meal at the club house. Your knowledge of the game itself and
the surrounding world of golf was a great boost for me and I played my
next round with real enthusiasm. I had a great day and look forward to
another session soon.


Daniel Nunn 13/4/16

I am relatively new to the game of golf and have trouble knowing the difference between a shank and a slice. So managing to get a ball off the tee, to drop it in that hole, or anything in between had its degree of difficulties.
David has been very effective in assisting in all of these areas and while I still have a way to go I have been able to improve my handicap by 18 strokes.
David has an uncanny way of seeing what is wrong and being able to point in the direction that makes improvement possible.
I am happy to recommend him as a coach.
Lyn Stanton
Dear David
I came to see David as my short-game was horrendous.(Teaching professionals not only offer help with the full swing.) I had lost all confidence with my short game and in a 30 minute session, David had me chipping and pitching crisply and with confidence. His assessment is clear and exact and the road back to correct posture/alignment/swing/strike is simply explained and easy to follow. He rightly pointed out that many of the full swing`s problems lie in the short-game. I have found my long game striking improve thanks to this short-game lesson.
Mark Hodges
I`m certainly much more accurate off the tee with the Henry-Griffitts driver you designed for me.
Maurie Catt
Love the simplicity of the lessons,the logic behind the reasoning, and most importantly, the immediate improvement as a result. I recommend Dave to anyone interested in golf. My son and I are booked in for more tuition and look forward to the ongoing benefits.
Kevin Kenny
After my handicap had slipped out to 11. I decided a couple of lessons were in order. In no time at all David had me striking the ball better than ever and the handicap is heading in the right direction again.
Greg Bygraves
Following my(knee specialist enforced) decision to move from playing tennis to golf, which I had not played since my teens,I was unsure how I would ever be able to play with friends without embarrassing both them and myself.
By sheer chance my wife and I drove past the sign for Reckless Golf, and I thought "`s a pro with a sense of humour..... looks promising". Getting two lesson vouchers from my wife for christmas was,in hindsight, the best thing I could have done for my golf game.
David`s ability to engage with golfers at all levels and tailor a game to suit their limitations and aspirations is exceptional(speaking from experience as a tennis coach). Couple this with the simplicity of his coaching techniques, the technology tools used and the variety of "on course" lessons he has available, and you provide the complete package for anyone wishing to begin golf through to improving a particular failing for a low handicapper. Your outgoing personality is a further bonus.
I have had no hesitation in recommending Reckless Golf to several colleagues, all of who have returned for further lessons. As you know, I have attended many of your varied teaching offerings, and have not once walked away feeling disappointed with the outcome.
Peter Warren