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Learning to play the game                                                  
Where would you go for a tennis lesson?    Answer: On a tennis court.
Where do you learn to swim?  Answer: In a swimming Pool
So why don`t we have Golf Lessons on a Golf Course.
The reason we don`t is that the belief is that you need to learn the model golf swing. Now this is okay at a golf range because you are hitting on a flat surface. The only time this happens on a golf course is on the teeing area.
So I teach my people to play golf on the course so you know what to expect when the ball is not sitting on a flat surface or it is windy.
On course I can teach you:
How to read greens
Distance control
How to read the course
Uneven Lies
Grass conditions and how it effects your shots
Shot selection
course management
Golf Rules
These sessions a relevant to the beginner right through to the golf professional.
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