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Gift Vouchers
Great idea for a special present. You can buy lessons on the Range at Dural or for on course lessons at local Golf courses.
The vouchers can be organised over the phone and we can email them to you.
Each voucher is valid for 12 months from purchase date.
0409 913 367

Learning to play the game                                                  
Where would you go for a tennis lesson?    Answer: On a tennis court.
Where do you learn to swim?  Answer: In a swimming Pool
So why don`t we have Golf Lessons on a Golf Course.
The reason we don`t is that the belief is that you need to learn the model golf swing. Now this is okay at a golf range because you are hitting on a flat surface. The only time this happens on a golf course is on the teeing area.
So I teach my people to play golf on the course so you know what to expect when the ball is not sitting on a flat surface or it is windy.
On course I can teach you:
How to read greens
Distance control
How to read the course
Uneven Lies
Grass conditions and how it effects your shots
Shot selection
course management
Golf Rules
These sessions a relevant to the beginner right through to the golf professional.
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