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David Reckless provides on the range as well as on the course golf lessons. The common saying is that a bad tradesman blames his tools, however this is not the case in golf. Often it is a combination of your swing as well as your clubs that need fixing. The unique service that David offers is the ability to assess your swing while checking your clubs.

He is based at the Riverside Oaks Golf Resort with an advanced club fitting facility. He is available for 45 minute lessons and alternatively if you prefer he can meet you on a golf course of your choosing for an on-the-course lesson. These on the course lessons have proven to be very popular for a couple of reasons:  The "real world" teaching that David can give you while you're playing to help you reduce your strokes - tips, feedback, even technique. Never having to go through a round of golf completely frustrated and not knowing why things are going wrong

How to Find Us

Dural Golf Driving Range, 260 New Line Road Dural NSW

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If would like to book a lesson, ask us a question or just send us your scorecard to let David know how your game is improving just send us an email to or fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

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David can be reached on his mobile, (0409) 913 367