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In 2007 Golf Professionals Jeff Mansfield and David Reckless joined forces and setup Golf Super Science Schools.
There objective was to educate golfers and give them an understanding of how to make sense of the science of golf.
We read lots of information on the game and can be mislead by marketing and advetising.
It is not about how much knowledge you have it is how you use that knowledge.
Experts lead us to believe that technology in golf over the past 20 years has improved 1000% on the first 100 years of the game.
So I ask why is the US PGA tour stroke average has only improved by 0.6 of a shot ?
In Australia over the past 20 years the max handicap for Male golfers has gone from 27-36
and The ladies from 36-45.
We are not getting any better and this is why golf numbers are decreasing rapidly.
Jeff and David starting running there golf schools to simplfy what is a complicated game.
In March 2010 They have now become Absolute Golf.

They conduct golf schools

Riverside Oaks Golf Resort

Absolute Golf are consultants for Golf Venues wanting to improve Golf Tuition and Clubfitting services at there venues.
Riverside Oaks