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David was raised on the family farm near Windsor NSW on the Hawkesbury River.

in 1976 David stepped onto a Golf Course for the very first time.

On that day David fell in love with the game of Golf and his journey began. Everyone thought he was terrible having 108 shots for 9 holes. He explained that it was his first game ever. In 1977 David became a member of the Windsor Golf club and he started on a Handicap of 32. David got to work playing as much as he could, and the milestones started to go past. 18 Holes breaking 100 for the first time, then 90,80 and eventually 70. in 1984 David found that 2 Golf Pros had re opened the then Golf course Hawkesbury Valley, which was redesigned and renamed. Riverside Oaks. David asked for a job on the Grounds crew cutting grass and course maintenance. David started playing Golf after work with the 2 Professionals Bruce Hodson and Ted Stirling. June 1985 David moved into the clubhouse and prepared to start his trainee-ship. In November 85 David attended the PGA Playing test on a handicap of 2 and was accepted into The PGA Academy of Golf. 1986 David got off to a great start playing wise and was mixing it with some of the best Trainee Pros. David was an excellent chipper of the ball but had lots of swing flaws, poor grip, bad posture which also caused lots of swing plane issues. So, they set about making changes which sent David`s game down the tubes. He was working so hard on his Golf swing that he forgot to work on his short game which is the most important part of the golf game. David failed his playing credentials after 2 years of work on his swing. David left the trainee program disillusioned with his game.

A couple of years away from the competitive game and refreshed and ready to have another go David attended the PGA playing test and was accepted back into the PGA Academy of Golf.

In his 2nd event back David had his 1st Professional Victory and he was off and running. David had rejoined the program with several old friends and competitors, and they grew very close and worked very hard on their games with the main emphasis on Short game. David became a great chipper again and became very good pitcher of the Ball and a very competent putter.

In his 3rd and final year of his trainee-ship David had a couple of more victories and for the last part of 1993 David played Pro Ams and State Opens as he had performed well enough to gain a state invitation.

David was accepted into The PGA of Australia as a Full member and had passed all areas of the trainee-ship.


David quickly realised that whilst his game was sharp it was hard to compete as there were so many good players, Peter Lonard,John Senden,Rod Pampling and many others. So, he stayed on at The Leonay Golf Club and was Assistant Professional to Head Pro Wayne Worthy. Wayne was a very good businessman and taught David a lot about the Golf Business. During this period David developed a fondness for teaching the Game. David then won the position at Hudson Park as the Teaching Professional under the guidance of Geoff Scott who at the time was Vice President of the Australian PGA. Geoff taught David many things about coaching and being Professional.

In 1997 David left teaching as he did not believe he was doing a good job and took up the lease of The Auburn Public Golf Course for 3 years. During this time David was invited by the PING golf company to a fitting seminar and this started David`s curiosity in to coaching again. He never really thought the Golf Club played as bigger role in someone’s game as he was finding out. Even with his own game. His swing flaws from the past were caused by poorly fitted Golf Clubs.

In 2001 David won the position at a private club near his home Castle Hill Country Club under the watchful eye of Bruce Burrows who was well known coach and club fitter. Bruce introduced David to many different types of fitting systems, and one he was not sure about. Henry-Griffitts. David then met people like Barry Miles, Bryan Ferguson, Jim Hofmeister and of course the great Randy Henry.

Since then David has operated his own coaching positions and Head Professional positions and has seen all areas of the Industry.

In 2018 David was invited back as the Golf Operations Manager at Riverside Oaks to where it all began. These days Riverside Oaks has 2 x 18-hole Championship courses which sit in Australia`stop 100 Golf Courses.

David continues to coach at this world class facility as it really has everything a coach could dream about.


If you have never had any instruction from David, you will need to setup an interview with him. So, give him a call.