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Working With Children Check Number: WWC1091483E

Dear David Reckless

You have been cleared to work with children in both volunteer and paid roles.

Your details are:



First Name


Other Name


WWC Number


Type of Clearance

Valid for paid and unpaid work

Expiry Date


Important information about your Working with Children Check

  • You must give your WWC number and expiry date to your employer and anyone else you provide a child-related service to, along with your full name as it appears on your identification documents and date of birth. They will verify you on our system for ongoing monitoring. If you are self employed, provide this information to those you are providing services for.
  • Keep your WWCC number somewhere safe - if you move to another child related role, you will need to give it to your new employer.
  • This Check is valid for 5 years. Keep your contact details up to date on our system and we will tell you when it is time to renew

The WWCC number is now available for retrieval on the Service NSW app .

For name or gender changes, you will need resubmit your proof of identity .

Yours sincerely

Steve Gholab
Working With Children Check
Office of the Children's Guardian